Not all training programs are created equal.

Some clients require shorter more intense bouts of training, while others require more sustained conditioning or strengthening programs to succeed.

Working with you collaboratively, I will design the proper program to meet your short and long-term health and fitness goals, based on your Personal Profile form and Health and Fitness Evaluation.

In addition, I can help create home gyms, corporate gyms, or facilitate any other form of exercise venue or equipment needs that are necessary.
No matter which Services you use, you will experience the pleasure of a pain-free, trainer-assisted workout

-- one that increases your energy ...

meets and exceeds your personal goals ...

and makes you look and feel your absolute best.

                  GrowFit Services:

I deal in all aspects of program design: from fat loss, to muscle gain, to sports conditioning for anyone from elite athletes to those who haven't ever exercised.

All of the services I offer are private, discreet, and can even be exclusive, should you so desire. I will design a specialized program and training schedule tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.

Based in Rockville, Maryland, I provide quality one-to-one and group fitness training in the surrounding Montgomery County and Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Below is a brief overview of the services that I offer : 

Free consultation includes:

 - Indepth look at your specific needs and fitness goals
   - Objective analysis of current program 
   - Personalized structuring of goals for best possible 
   - Health screening
   - Physical evaluation: includes blood presure and 
     resting heart rate and a postural analysis
   - Indentification of lifestyle factors that may affect 
     your program

Full fitness analysis to determine the following:

- Resting metabolic rate
   - Body fat analysis   
   - Body mass index
   - VO2 Max (measures cardiovascular fitness)
   - Muscular strength and endurance
   - Flexibilty

The fitness analysis establishes a basis for your fitness program design.

Individualized programs for any objective including: 

- Fat loss 
   - Muscle gain 
   - Getting toned 
   - Body composition improvement 
   - Overall cardiovascular and strength augmentation 
   - Sport specific athletic enhancement (Football, Golf, 
     Tennis etc.)
   - Pre and Post Natal fitness
   - Bodybuilding or fitness competition prep
   - Assisted Stretching Flexibility Training 
   - Create a home gym, corporate gym, or facilitate 
     any other form of exercise venue or equipment 
     that is necessary to accomplish your goals. 
Group Fitness Classes:

- Boot Camp
   - MMA

Nutritional guidance 

   - Personalized 7 day meal plan with grocery list
   - Smart and healthy food shopping session in your 
     favorite grocery store 
(Consult your doctor before changing your diet.)     

What can I expect?

We know that when all is said and done, all that really matters are the results. The first thing you will notice upon speaking with me is that I never make outlandish claims or empty promises. I will be straightforward and honest about what you need to do, what realistic expectations you should have and how much time it will take us to get to where you want to go. I only make one promise: if you listen to me and do everything that I ask of you, you WILL get results!

Why should I hire a Personal Trainer?

Motivation -
If you had the motivation and/or inclination to exercise by yourself, you wouldn't be here reading this. When you need help, employing a competent professional is the best choice. The benefits of your decision to start today will last your entire lifetime. It is my job to make sure you receive professional instruction and motivation to keep you in the game.

I will reinforce your decision to train and actively work towards your goals of better health and fitness. People often say that they will make the change. With me by your side you will make a commitment to yourself and your future.

Training -
My job is to teach you the many aspects of health and fitness. I will also educate you on many myths, fads and miracle weight loss and exercise programs that are a complete waste of your time and money.

Personal Trainer Access -
On your path to a more healthy lifestyle, you will have a lot of questions or sometimes need my advice on certain situations. As a professional, I will usually have the answers you need, or know where to find them. You can email or call me as often as you need to.

A Complete Fitness Assessment and Exciting Exercise Programs -
In order to identify your goals, you need to know where you stand right now. At the time of your fitness assessment I will determine your fitness level, and create exciting workout programs for you. Your only duty is to give me a full 100% of your efforts!

Fitness Counselor -
As your personal trainer we will get to know each other well. I can help you more effectively if I know about the motivating and de-motivating factors in your life. Training sessions become more fun and exciting if I get to know you and your personality. When you hire a professional to help you on a quest that may, depending on your goals and your needs, take some time, you should be able to take full advantage of having a competent team player on your side!

Equipment -
If you already have your own fitness equipment at home, you are already a step closer to your goals, now you still have to actually use it. If the thought of spending the money on equipment makes you feel less excited, or you don't have room for it at home, I will bring the gym to you. This is helpful in the beginning if you don't want to buy fitness equipment. Later on you may see the benefits of having your gym at home and I can then help you with the design.

Partner Personal Training -
If you prefer to have training sessions with a workout partner or spouse please call about my fantastic Partner training rates.


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